Gadget Bloggers Focus on Food!

Food. Who doesnt like it? Yeah, we thought so. While we are a gadget blog, sometimes we like to focus on the food things in life. We ask you, what is your favorite city to visit?

Austin? New York? Scottsdale? Los Angeles? All are great and all have a great food scene. From high end Michelin start rated restaurants in New York to hip food trucks in Austin, we are seeing a fantastic trend in food and how we eat as a culture.

The focus has stepped up in that arena to provide a fantastic dining experience along with great culinary dishes to satisfy. If it doesnt work, you will not be returning. While it is a business, the customer experience with food needs to be impeccable.

New York is definitely the mecca for great food. Every corner you turn, you are hit with fantastic restaurants. It will take you forever to reach every single restaurant in that city.

Another city that is taking the food scene by storm is Scottsdale. Dont let this destination spot fool you, Scottsdale restaurants have a lot to offer the traveler and local. From great steakhouses, burger joints to great eclectic meals. Local bartenders are also taking some serious pride in their work. Something that is gaining a lot of steam in the industry throughout the world.

Sandwich Scottsdale

Los Angeles has always been a great food staple in the U.S. They are constantly trying to keep up with the celebrity getting access and joining forces in opening a hot spot. Los Angeles is a huge area and the outer cities provide some fantastic spots as well.

Austin is another great foodie city where food trucks really took off. They are delivering some fantastic food from trucks. BBQ is also a great hub in Austin.

Time to get out and visit some of these amazing cities and get your grub on!